A Thousand Crushes

Chapter 1 : The Commencement

I am just an ordinary person or maybe a little bit different, well artist by passion. I am that kind of person who has a “graveyard in his mouth filled with words that had died on his lips”. And now I am primed to put them into letters.

It all started way back when I was in school. I was most probably in my 5th. Like others, I was just the same, a fun child. Well, I should skip my other particulars as they were pretty same like the normal ones. I am also blessed with a best friend and I feel proud to say that we still are. We both had our first crushes together in the same class. And I still remember myself, making sketches of some ordinary girl. Well, I forgot to tell that he was the blunt one and I was a bit shy then.

Once we were playing in the ground and he told that girl that I made her a sketch, and I was filled with anger towards him but I was also amazed to see her response which was like” OK, so what? ”. Well that doesn’t actually bothered me because I actually didn’t like her.

The time passed and at this instant, I don’t want to use this phrase but I am afraid I have to, you all know that bullshit “love at first sight” well it kind of happened, with a blink of my eye. And here she was; my actual crush and guess what, both of us had a crush over the same girl and yes, over the same feature; her hair. Well at first I actually didn’t see her face but I was fascinated towards her long straight glowing hair. I use to sneak out just to see a glimpse of her. The time moved, we had our interactions, and at that time I didn’t even have the guts to go to her and ask her if she was interested even a little bit. But after a coon’s age, I pulled my effrontery together and decided to step forward.

Somehow I managed to get her ID and texted her. I don’t know whether I should call it a triumph or some synchronism, she was on-line at that very same time and she replied the very moment she received my text. And her reply was “Are you the one with coloured eyes”, where I told her; yes I actually am and she was like “you got to be kidding me”, “prove yourself. Then I sent her my picture and she secured it. It was some enduring moment. With the elapse of time, our chats turned into addiction.

As long as the duration of our talks increased she became irresistible to stay away from. Our interactions improved and again the time passed. But then she left /me over some ineffectual reason. And I was there, left heart broken. I went through depression. By hook or crook, my friends helped me walk through it. It was really hard time for me and I was suffering from mass agony. However, I still haven’t recovered from this phase, so I texted her over and over, but all I got in return was ignorance and bewilderment. Then after some months she managed to text me, apologizing she said that she was under stress and all that. But I, somehow managed to overlook her while being stone hearted.


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