Chapter 2: Intervening

I did a good job of blocking painful, unnecessary things from my memory. Then I entered into the intermediate stage and joined an academy. There I met a girl. Well, I don’t know what clicked my mind, but she was something. Well, once again I, myself along with my bestie had the same crush over the same girl. We both sent her a friend request and waited for her to decide whom she want. We waited. And then she accepted both of ours.

We were mixed up with diverse thoughts, well we again decided to let her choose. After some hours she unfriended him. And the very same time she did that, he called me. And told me that he was unfriended. I was vexed, what If I am unfriended too? I held the phone, while swiftly checking my account and I was dazed to know that she didn’t unfriended me. Well, just like a normal person, I wanted to make him jealous, so I told him about this. He was stunned as well as concerted. He said ‘what!’? But why. At one fell swoop, she texted me and I hung up on him and began to talk.

As long as we talked, she came closer to me and I still haven’t had found the reason why I was even having conversations with her. Well she was into me and I was still muddled. Somehow I knew that I was certain to break my walls and let her in. We have had countless heart-to-hearts and use to gaze each other during academic hours. I felt that something was off beam and yes, it was the time I realized that I was starting to have feelings for her. I never bothered much but I also never cared less. As I lately had gone through a very depraved time, so it was really hard for me to trust someone and I was much startled. Come hell or high water, things reformed and I was pretty contented.

Whilst she became a very devoted friend to me. And we used to talk late. She was kind of soul mate to me. Both of ours, practices and ways were virtually same. I, in a way relished those moments. I adored talking to her. She became very possessive of me. She was all intoxicated loving me.

I know love and lust don’t always keep the same company. I embittered her, hurt her so bad in so many different ways. Well I can’t say much about her but she was always there for me when on earth I needed her, above and beyond all the things I did to her. Sometimes, there isn’t any way to compromise. As they say; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


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