Chapter 3: Skepticism

I tried to be diplomatic, but mostly I just lied a lot. I was much spoiled already so I decided to do something about it. I asked my friend to hook me up with some girl. He somehow, struggled and managed to set his girl’s; friend up with me. He asked her if she wishes to talk to me. Well, I would ponder this fluke by chance, she agreed. And then he told me that she wants to talk to me and she’s asking for my number. Why would I even deny her? I repeatedly texted him my number and asked him to forward it to her.

The sun was up and I was more awake than I have ever been in a long time and for once I was going to do something about it.  I woke up with a text; “hey”. I restlessly retorted back. And this is how we initiated chatter. I have had scarcely observed her in the academy, formerly all of this.

We began to sit next to each other. We’ve had our fun. She started having feelings for me. But, I guess at that time I wasn’t even sure about what I actually sought from her. Well, somehow we continued our chats. She was all head over heels into me. She wanted me to have her talk to my sister but I guess I wasn’t ready for that, so I kept on stalling her.

I, by some means managed the situation. Every single time I bled, she plainly blubbered. Well, that was warming. She was friend with two of my friend’s aficionados. I still remember that one time when, all six of us assembled next to each other, that was some hell of a diurnal. We use to have late night banters. The time passed and I started talking to another girl, even I was kind of in a relationship with the previous one. She came to know about all of this and she left me, though I wasn’t much serious about her but still that miffed.



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